First & Foremost

February 13th, 2017 at approximately 11pm – the urge to create a site for me to think out loud, had been too strong that it brought me here, to create it (finally). This thought has been fidgeting on my mind far too often, that it keeps my brain on auto-pilot mode in thinking of a suitable name for this site. There were several pseudonyms popping up in my mind but I have come to realize “Infinitely Curious” is the right one. Why?

I believe that curiosity is the mother of all creativity, ideas, inventions. Curious in itself, is an attitude of an explorer, that keeps an explorer hungry for more adventure, to learn and to understand, then to apply it in life. I realized I like to think, to question almost everything on how and why. I read, I see, and I get inspired. Nope, it doesn’t stop there, it gets my mind to wander – what and how could it be applied in other areas. With this site, I will be able to share with you my thoughts around things, especially about people, culture, or simply put – – Life.

Join me to unveil & understand the journey of life, even the modern rule of it, with infinitely curious mode (remained & always) switched on…


Infinitely curious, IC

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